Sherri Gibson Sunday July 22, 2012
WOW...pretty much sums it up!! Love the selection, the quality and the ease of ordering. I found everything I needed to not only decorate the nursery for my son, but also redecorate my daughter's room and make her feel like a "big girl".
From: California
Jennifer Saturday July 21, 2012
Terri is the greatest! She makes sure that she has a little bit or a lot of everything available for everyone, even if it means that it is cutting cost for her! She is an online boutique angel! She is very knowledgeable about a lot, and if she doesn't know something, she will dig tooth and nail to get it for you even when she is backed up with work! She makes sure that she has new product in her store every week.
From: New Jersey
Colleen Fleming Saturday June 18, 2011
Just met Terri and I am loving her site! Lots of great ideas to be had here. No more kiddo's for me but I'm bookmarking the site for ideas for babyshowers in the future! xoxo CocoColleen
From: Michigan
Tara Todd Thursday June 4, 2009
You know, it took me a while and LOTS of research to get back into cloth diapering.. I started with just the prefolds for my oldest son 4 because I kinda had too.. My second, she was in disposables.. But now that I have gotten MY THIRD knickernappie I am so mad that I did not get these diapers 5 years ago... They are awesome, so easy to use, colors are so vibrant and MANY to choose from.. I see they have one size now but I love my 2G'S..... They are great!!! I now have Blue, Baby Blue and Melon!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO.. I can't believe I bought so many.. I really don't need that many but they are addicting!! Thanks Terri for the great customer service and SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!
From: Fort Worth, Texas
Tara Todd Tuesday May 26, 2009
I ordered another knickernappie blue diaper from Terri and these diapers never seize to amaze me. The snaps are very durable TRUST ME, I have two little helpers that are always snapping and unsnapping them.. The material they are made of is really easy to clean. The inserts 3.95 are GREAT! I will be back shortly to get me another for my baby and for my sisters baby. Customer service is GREAT!
From: Fort Worth, Texas
Tara Todd Thursday March 26, 2009
OH MY POSH! Terri a is such a nice girl! She made sure I KNEW everything there was to know about my diaper, well my sons, before I bought it. On top of the research she had on the diaper already she was quick to find out the additional info I was looking for as being a curious first time buyer. I purchased the Knickernappie baby blue diaper with many happy thoughts : My baby has not tried it yet but he will immediately upon available opportunities! I am soooooooooo excited about my first TRUE modern cloth diaper use!! Customer service A+++ though : Will tell more later : Oh and shipping extra quick!
From: Fort Worth Texas
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